Olivia Culpan

Olivia Culpan

I am a 22-year-old medical student at the University of Leeds offering tutoring sessions in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. I am passionate about my degree and love to teach science, especially Biology. As it was only 6 years ago that I completed my own GCSEs, I empathise with students and understand the pressures they face. I have been tutoring maths and science for 5 years around my studies and find teaching incredibly rewarding. I often build a good rapport with students and have a lot of patience for them.

Last summer (2023), I taught science to 7–8-year-olds in an international school in Vietnam. From this I learnt how to keep teaching engaging and fun, and also to communicate with students when they faced difficulties with learning.

Besides science, my hobbies include playing netball, travelling, and speaking different languages.

I hope that my tutoring sessions will help students gain confidence in their abilities and learn valuable revision skills, as well as improving their grades. I look forward to meeting you!

Nicola Condron

Nicola Condron

I am a 31 year English teacher offering English Literature and Language tuition to KS3 and KS4 students.

I have a First Class Honours degree in English and Education Studies and have taught English at a large Secondary school in Greater Manchester for the past 8 years where I was also the Whole School Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead from 2020-2023. In October 2023 I left the classroom to pursue my career in tutoring.

I am extremely passionate about building confidence and resilience within students and providing them with the tools needed to access the English curriculum whilst enjoying it too.

I have experience working with a students with a range of SEND and plan lessons and resources to ensure that they are inclusive and accessible.

I’m also a trained Mental Health First Aider (MHFA England) and completed my Senior Mental Health Lead training with Creative Education in May 2022.

I am a personable, friendly and empathetic tutor who loves working with students to meet their potential.

I look forward to working with you and your child.

Karen Griffin

Karen Griffin

I am a mature-qualified teacher who started teaching Maths 15 years ago having changed careers, prior to this I worked in Banking in the City of London. I have been the Head of Maths for 8 years and was the Director of Teaching and Learning for nearly four years at my current school in Macclesfield, which is a small nurturing non-selective independent school in the North West of England. This is a genuinely inclusive and respectful learning environment where I work with many SEND pupils in small classes which allows me to really get to know my students and how they work. I work with pupils who have a range of specialist educational needs including ASD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Anxiety, Adopted Children, ADHD, school refusers and more. Against this I teach and tutor all abilities, specialising in secondary school support across KS3 and KS4. I have in the past taught years 5 and 6 at primary KS2 as well.

I have considerable experience of teaching and tutoring (for the past 5 years) all levels of Maths from ELC, Functional Skills, GCSE Foundation and Higher including Further Maths and most exam boards, AQA, Edexcel, OCR and Eduqas.

Since being Head of Maths at my current school I am very proud to say I have achieved a 100% pass rate at GCSE and also with all my GCSE tutees. Prior to this, I worked in the state sector teaching Maths GCSE and Economics at A level in Holmes Chapel. I simply love teaching and seeing students starting to enjoy maths and particularly when they thank you for not giving up on them. My students always come away enjoying their lessons, and the key to this is building solid relationships, so students feel happy. Maths is a ‘marmite’ subject, you either love it or hate it, but everyone has to take the subject, so I try to make maths fun, enjoyable and take the mystery out of it, so students can easily understand what they are doing. My mantra is, if it’s tricky, draw a picky. Having the confidence to write down what you know and put this in a diagram or picture is the most valuable tool to get students started and start building a jigsaw. Maths is like a jigsaw, sometimes the pieces fit, and sometimes they don’t, but you need to have the confidence to try these pieces in different places and not give up. Maths is problem-solving after all and requires a positive mindset. Learning to get things wrong is the best way to learn (in anything in life) and making a student realise this is ok is a positive and essential part of learning. Understanding how students learn is key, and this is different for all of us and we need different strategies to support the diverse learning needs of all of children. This is the essence of my teaching. Understand each student, how they learn, why do they find maths challenging and then have fun, demystify maths, making it realistic and obvious and relatable to everyday experiences

I tutee both face to face and online, and look forward to being able to help your child enjoy maths.

Mr Singh

I am currently a Head of Maths in a 'Good' rated secondary school with experience in mainstream and SEND provision. I have a broad understanding of students and more specifically high level of understanding of strategies that help all students make progress. In my short career, I have managed to develop a high level of knowledge of behavior and Teaching/Learning which in turn has allowed me to teach others how to teach as well supporting students to make significantly high levels of progression.

I have an excellent track record of results over the past 6 years, my students often achieve significantly higher than their peers across England. Students who are working at grades 4 and 5 often achieve a grade 6 or higher with myself, 11+ students have never failed to pass with my support. I also work with the 'National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics' which was where I gained a certificate for being a Specialist Maths Mastery teacher.

I focus my skills on creating strong pupil relationships which aids progression significantly well, understanding students and how they work is the key to their engagement and progression. Many of the parents I work with choose my skill set as their child feels comfortable with working with me and also see their child making accelerated progress. I have experience and results in teaching 11+ as well as KS3 and GCSE at Higher and Foundation.

Adam Porter

Adam Porter

I am currently a deputy head in a local 'outstanding' primary school and have previously worked across a range of different educational settings in the Greater Manchester area. I am vastly experienced and have taught in all year groups from EYFS to year 6 across my twelve year career. I have recently completed my National Performance Qualification for Headship and was a Pearson Bronze Teacher of the Year Award winner back in 2021.

In terms of my tutoring specialism, I have worked extensively in preparing children for 11+ exams and KS2 SATs. My expertise lie in supporting maths and English having led both of these areas for a number of years. I try to tailor my sessions to the individual needs of each child, and pride myself on the ability to build strong working relationships with my pupils. I like to use innovative, imaginative and engaging teaching styles, in line with current research-based pedagogy, to ensure my tutees fulfil their potential.

When I'm not teaching/tutoring l am a keen sportsman and enjoy spending time with my young family. I also hold a Journalism and Broadcasting degree and take a real interest in current affairs.

Neda Kassas

Neda Kassas

I've been teaching English for 35 years. I worked in several UK Secondary schools before going out to teach ESL in Egypt. There I also taught a variety of skills including GCSE, SAT's, IELTS and GMAT preparation. I worked at the American University in Cairo's English Language Centre for 25 years where I helped students to achieve proficiency in all areas of Academic English skills including listening, speaking, academic reading, essay writing, vocabulary, and grammar. I also lectured on Shakespeare in the University's English Literature Dept. I returned to England in 2017 and have been working as an English tutor since then, mainly GCSE literature and language.

I hold a BA (Hons) degree in English Literature, PGCE English Lit, MA in TEFL, a wealth of experience, lots of patience and a sense of humour!

Hassan Rauf

Hassan Rauf

I'm an Economics graduate from the University of Manchester with strong academic background in Maths. My current role as a senior Analyst/Economist in the UK Civil Services coupled with my previous experience working in range of large organisations and as a senior student ambassador at the University helped me develop skills necessary for any tutor.

I am a dedicated and experienced tutor, with a passion for helping students truly understand the material they are learning. My teaching approach is based on providing intuition and understanding, tailoring my lessons to meet individual students needs and ability. Before each class, I carefully prepare and plan the topics to be covered. I like to end the lesson by going over some exam-style questions and provide feedback to allow students to improve.

To reinforce the concepts, appropriate homework is assigned after each class, allowing students to practice and solidify their knowledge. My goal is to help students grasp the material in a meaningful and comprehensive way, setting them up for success in their future studies and beyond. Many of my students have been successful in their studies, achieving their desired grades and enrolling in their preferred college/universities. I look forward to working with you and your child in the future and support them with their academic goals.

The subjects are inclusive of the following:

  • Economics (GCSEs & A-levels)
  • Mathematics (KS3/4, GCSEs & A-levels)
  • Further Mathematics (GCSEs)
  • Statistics (KS3/4, GCSEs & A-levels)
  • Chemistry (KS3/4 & GCSEs)
Jonathan Carpenter

Jonathan Carpenter

I am a student at Manchester Metropolitan University studying Primary Education with Mathematics and I am about to start my final year of this course. I have already gained a lot of experience within a school setting, having completed 2 in school placements as part of requirement of my course. These placements were in Year 5 and Early Years, however I have experience with planning and delivering lesson for all key stages as part of my course. I have a great interest and passion about working with SEND pupils and helping them achieve their potential as I hope to explore this further with relational to Mathematics in my final year dissertation. I have experience working with different special educational needs within school settings at different ages, including supporting with KS1 and KS2 SATs.

The Subjects I teach to an 11 Plus Level are as follows:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • History
  • Geography
  • Religious Education
  • Music

I also tutor English, Maths and Science up to Key Stage 4.

I treat every pupil as an individual and design lessons around their interests and learning style to make learning engaging and exciting. I also try to build a rapport with pupils to improve their motivation and self-esteem when tackling difficult subject areas where they might feel overwhelmed.

Catherine Kennedy

Catherine Kennedy

I qualified as a primary school teacher in the summer of 2004 and since then have gained a wealth of experience within teaching and tutoring different age groups. I taught for many years within a school setting, covering every year group ranging from Early Years up to Year 6, whilst spending the majority of time teaching in years in years 1, 4 and 5.

Due to family commitments, I left my school employment in 2019 and soon after began to concentrate and specialise in teaching children with Special Educational Needs, whilst also keeping abreast with all current areas of the primary curriculum.

My keen interest in teaching children with Special Educational Needs, and in particular dyslexia, became more apparent when my own son began to struggle at school and started to show some dyslexic traits. All the challenges that my own son was dealing with were impacting significantly on his learning, but by implementing helpful strategies things did greatly improve. Going through these difficulties first hand, has given me the insight into the problems that so many children experience whilst trying to learn.

My ambition within teaching is to continue to help ease the anxiety surrounding the learning process for children, by providing encouragement and coping strategies to help guide every child to make progress and develop. I like to draw out each individual's abilities, to encourage them, raise their self-esteem and therefore their resilience. Increasing their confidence in this way, in turn helps them to achieve their highest potential.

Having a wide and varied teaching career enables me to inspire and motivate children from all backgrounds and whatever their learning difficulty might be.

I look forward to the potential opportunity of working with with you and your child in the near future.

Dom Campbell

Dom Campbell

I have been teaching science for 18 years, the last 7 working as a Head of Science. I have taught Biology, Chemistry and Physics for combined science and specialise in Chemistry for separate science. I have experience in delivering the AQA syllabus and know the demands of this course both in supporting students that are trying to move to the pass grade of a 5 and those wanting to push for a 9. I have successfully taken hundreds of students through the AQA courses, working with students of all abilities and a range of SEND needs. I am very confident not only in the subject knowledge needed, but also key exam techniques and skills to be successful.

Lucy Wilkinson

I am a published writer and experienced English literature/language tutor based in Northenden, Manchester. Currently, I am in the process of completing my PhD in creative writing from the University of Glasgow. I focus much of my tutoring around creative practice and the enjoyment of reading and writing. In turn, I appreciate a learning space that is relaxed and informal, helping the student find their love for this wonderful and enriching subject. I have experience tutoring 11-18 year olds (KS3, GCSE, AS/ALevel), specifically those who struggle with issues surrounding anxiety and self-confidence.

Pakeeza Rauf

I am a BSc (Hons) Chemistry graduate from the Manchester Metropolitan University with a strong interest in teaching in this subject. My course has provided me with an exposure to challenges and opportunities. I am currently taking a MSc Chemistry degree at University of Manchester before seeking a professional role.

My passion in teaching grew stronger as in college I was able to take up role of mentoring year 10 and 11 students to complete specific tasks and help them to achieve their target grades. During my study years I have take up role of assistant teacher at a Primary School and high school. (Manchester). During this experience I was given the opportunity to explore classes with students from different age groups and needs, allowing me to gain transferable skills and learn how to deliver topics in an exciting and creative ways .This helped me to build confidence in presenting and understand the importance of adapting lesson plans to engage students with different abilities.

From all the experiences I have gained valuable skills in implementing strategies such as gentle competitiveness between students. From observing different lessons, I have been able to understand the education system and how lesson should approach and focused on delivering important materials in an effective manner. My main goal is to allow students to understand the topics and practice to increase their knowledge.

The subjects I can teach are of the following:

- Chemistry (KS3/4,GCSEs & A-levels)

- Biology (KS3/4, GCSEs)

- Maths (KS3/4)

Rishi Shah

I'm a trainee teacher looking to offer GCSE English Literature and Language tuition.

- I have actually sat the 9-1 specification, which is the one current students will be sitting, achieving top grades in literature and language (9). This means I know how to do well in this and can offer my individual insight on how to succeed, as well as a professional teacher's perspective.

- I have privately tutored on and off for 3 years and have also helped students pass their resits.

- I am currently attending The University of Manchester for my PGCE, where I am working almost full-time as a teacher in KS3 and KS4 English Literature and Language. I will be a fully qualified teacher by June 2024.

- I am a friendly and supportive teacher. I take great pleasure in sharing my passions with students and love to encourage wider learning and reading, as well as having a bit of fun!