Testimonials for Parent Concern

"I first contacted Sara when my daughter was in Year 5, shortly after receiving a diagnosis of dysgraphia. Sara invited us to meet with her, initially on my own and then with my daughter. She spent a lot of time getting to know us, both from an academic perspective but also as people. My daughter, now in year 9, still feels that she can speak to Sara and knows that she will listen and understand….

We went through an ASD diagnosis together, and Sara was invaluable for all the support and guidance she gave us through this time, not to mention the emotional support…. Sara spent time adapting lessons for my daughter and ensuring that each individual lesson was targeted to her specific needs."

Anonymous (parent)

"It was suggested to me 9 years ago that there was a possibility that Zak would be unable to read.

Being a mum on a mission and never accepting of the word “not” I began my quest to find a solution. I can’t remember how I found Sara, but forever grateful that I did! Zak was reading within 7 months.

Her kindness and understanding not only to a boy who was struggling but to me his mum.

Zak’s reading has gone from strength to strength and he still regularly talks about Sara.

I would recommend her to any parent who’s child is needing a different approach to learning."


"Sara has been more than a tutor, she has been a mentor and a guide, over several years, both for our child and for us as parents.

Sara has helped will all aspects of our child's needs, not just tutoring the core subjects, but in guiding us as parents and offering support in lots of different areas. She really cares about her pupils on all levels, we thank her very much.

We are delighted we found Sara. She has helped our child develop and thrive and has helped us as parents with advise, contacts and recommendations and has shown such interest in our child's needs from start to finish. She has been a great tutor but much more too.

Thank you Sara, you have been fantastic both for our child and for us as parents. A great tutor and a wonderful support."

Anonymous (parent)

"I would recommend Sara as a tutor if your child works best in a quiet focused environment with one to one attention. Sara uses a flexible approach and seems intuitive with how to approach the tasks on that day depending on what the child's attention is like that day. The structured and consistent approach has also helped my son feel confident as he knows what to expect when he comes for a lesson.

Sara regularly uses children's special interests to motivate their learning and make the sessions fun. She builds a great rapport with the children and genuinely cares about their learning and building their confidence. My son regularly comes out of a lesson saying 'that was fun!' He enjoys the work and looks forward to going every week."

Anonymous (parent)

"My son, Jacob, has a diagnosis of Autism and also has severe Dyslexia. He is in mainstream school, though often struggles. I wanted to find some extra support for him with his learning and the National Autistic Society recommended that I contact Sara at Parent Concern.

Immediately upon contacting Sara, I was put at ease. She showed real understanding and empathy as to the difficulties that we faced. We commenced with weekly lessons which continued for over 5 years, until Jacob started at High School.

Jacob really enjoyed his lessons with Sara, they built up a good rapport and over the years he had some good fun whilst learning in a safe and nurturing environment.

Sara has been a constant support and source of information for me as a parent. I have encountered difficulties in trying to navigate the complexities of S.E.N provision within the education system. Sara has been on hand to offer advice and has written reports and even attended meetings at the school to assist in ensuring that Jacob received the one to one support he needed to access education in a mainstream setting.

When it became apparent that my younger son may also have Dyslexia, I sought further assistance from Sara and started taking him for weekly lessons also.

I have no hesitation in recommending Sara’s services to other parents. Sara really understands children and how to communicate with them and teach them in a way that suits their individual needs. She was able to make learning fun for both my children and they have benefitted greatly from the time they spent with her."

Sara (parent) - September 2018

"My daughter has been seeing Sara since September and I’ve been delighted with how much she loves going. The improvement is tremendous, especially in comprehension. Sara has an excellent way with children and it works. My daughter has dyslexia which along with processing language this can knock her confidence. Sara teaches her great strategies and my daughter always finishes a session buzzing.

I cannot recommend Sara highly enough."

Anonymous (parent)

Letter from the Times newspaper announcing the favourite school entry prize for Parent Concern

"We have been using 123 Magic now for the past few weeks and we have really seen a difference in our little boys behaviour

I'm so glad I made the call to Sara. She is fantastic, she listens, gives amazing advice and really helps you every step of the way, there have been a couple of wobbles but Sara was on hand to get us back on track and remain consistent with it all.

You may feel like you've tried everything and you've probably tried something along the lines of this, but what makes the difference is having Sara telling you exactly what to do and how to approach it and stick with it. Sometimes you just need someone to guide you when you feel like nothing is working.

I feel like our family life is a lot calmer now therefore a lot happier, don't get me wrong of course there are moments as with every child but we know how to handle them now and control it in a calmer way.

Thank you very much Sara!"

Kerry (parent)

"I have been coming here for a year and 4 months. Sara is so funny. Sara gives you nice treats.

She reads fun stories with you. I can read much better now and she helps me a lot."

L.H - July 2018

"Over the last few weeks my son has completed 6 online sessions of 30 mins duration. He is currently in year 2 and Sara is supporting him with all aspects of English. The online platform has worked well. Sara posts the work to be undertaken several days before, which allows me to print off the relevant sheets for each session. She also provides options to ensure that I am happy that the work is meeting his needs, especially doing activities remotely. On the day of the session she posts a video for my son to watch, showing him what they will be covering. The online working still allows him to engage fully in the session, as he has all the resources to hand that Sara uses."

Anonymous (parent)

"Thank you for all your support this academic year. and most importantly in achieving our shared goal, of preparing Oliver for his next big step to High School.

We have hard evidence in his results of the progress you have been instrumental in him achieving, but most importantly you are kind, engaging, considerate and fun in how you develop his skills and knowledge. He enjoys every session, looks forward to 'seeing you online and the experience makes him smile with pride in his learning"

Anonymous (parent)

"Sara went above and beyond in finding me a suitable tutor for my son aged 7.

Simon has been tutoring my son for the last 6 months and has massively supported him with his English which he struggles with.

Simon is calm, patient and an excellent teacher. I would highly recommend him to any family looking for additional support at home."

Anonymous (parent)