Sara teaches children
in a relaxed FUN
learning environment.

Sara works with children that have a range of
  Parent Concern is a
professional advice and
specialist-teaching practise aimed at children 0-14 years.
Sara Murawa set it up in 2006 following a long established career working with children.
Sara offers expert, unique bespoke educational help for children 3-14 years.
Many of the children Sara sees have been with her for 3 years plus.
Sara also offers Verbal Educational Assessments giving advice to parents and if necessary referring them to her professional colleagues.
To learn more:
 Sara offers 1:1 help for children with Dyspraxia, ADD, ASD, Developmental delay, Delayed Speech, ADHD, Dyslexia and Aspergers.
Children that have been adopted that have associated educational problems.
- if you are a parent concerned about your child
- if you are concerned about any parenting issues
- ready readers & 123 Magic and stop
Contact our office in Manchester on 07939 108682
Sara works towards each child's individual strength, and follows children with IEPs/school action plus.